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Mover Mentality is a favorite among long-distance moving companies in Jacksonville FL. With our safety practices, top-quality customer service, and best rates compared to other movers in Jacksonville, we obtain more than 70% of our business through repeat customers and referrals. All of our professional movers have a minimum of 5 years of experience. This gives our customers peace of mind during the move because they know that their belongings are going to arrive at the new location safely. 


We are able to move customers anywhere from down the road to long distances out of Duval, Nassau, Baker, Clay County, and surrounding counties! On the day of your move, our Jacksonville movers arrive on time with the best equipment on the market and supplies to ensure your belongings are moved properly, safely, and efficiently.


We have safely moved thousands of long-distance and in-state families and businesses. We provide our moving trucks and equipment at no additional cost to you. There are many other moving companies that charge for fuel and mileage, if your new home or business has stairs that need to be scaled, if you are moving on the weekend, and many other charges. We don't charge extra for any of the above. We have a simple moving cost system that makes it even easier for you to choose Mover Mentality.


We save our clients 30% on average (and sometimes more) versus other long-distance movers and you don't have to wait weeks for your belongings to be delivered. Reach out to us today if you have questions. Or you can schedule a free on-site estimate with Jacksonville's best long-distance movers.


Note: We do not take weeks to deliver your belongings to your new home in your new city as most long-distance movers do. If you are moving anywhere on the East Coast, we can have your items delivered in about 48 hours. If you are moving to the Mid-West, Mover Mentality can have your items delivered in around 72 hours. If you're relocating to the West Coast, we can have your items delivered in about 5 business days. All of these time-frames are guaranteed.

Do we have moving boxes and supplies for sale?


Yes, we do. Click to view our complete list of moving supplies, and we'll bring them with us to your home on the day of your move. We also provide packing services if you need your home packed into boxes or bins before we move you.

What sets Mover Mentality apart from other long-distance movers in Jacksonville?

  • We're one of the highest-rated intrastate and interstate movers in South Florida.

  • Over 70% of our monthly business comes from repeat & referral customers.

  • We only hire professionals dedicated to providing the best service possible.

  • All of our long-distance moving staff members are certified in the moving industry.

  • We guarantee to have your items delivered to your new city in less than 5 days.

  • We always provide free moving blankets & shrink-wrap to ensure the protection of your furniture.

  • From the very first moment you contact us you will receive a dedicated Moving Manager who will be your point of contact throughout your entire move.

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